Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Birger 1962 launch...

Malene Birger's decor line Birger 1962 launched earlier this month and the line is very true to her personal decor style - ethnic, blacks and whites, natural elements and timeless. I love the line and this is just the first products from the line - also both some of her art pieces and handpicked items will be up for sale. These items I picked are some of my favourites - you can see all items HERE
birger 1962

Friday, July 18, 2014

Move and Work - Malene Birger's new coffee table book...

 I can't wait till the 5th of September, when Malene Birger's new interior brand Birger1962 opens its online store and also launches a new book "Move and Work". In her newest book, Malene grants an exciting insight into her three homes that amaze with their limitless wealth of design ideas. 
She additionally provides an exclusive preview of her new showroom in Copenhagen for her design and interiors firm Birger1962. This creative studio is dedicated to design, interiors and art and provides others with a source of inspiration on how to redecorate and rearrange their own homes and spaces. Thanks to numerous personal and professional moves, Malene Birger is the best example of how to create new environments using one's existing furniture while moving forward and adding new expressions. 
Her houses are a perfect mix of old and new, craftsmanship, modernity, art, and influences from other cultures. Malene Birger lived in Mallorca for 6 years and moved to London in 2013, where she is now personally and professionally based.
Following my blog you know how inspired I am by Malene's work and I can't wait to get my hands on this new book and see what her new brand Birger1962 has in store for us.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Closet envy...

 I'm totally in love with this walk in closet that Nina from Stylizimo did. Light, bright and decluttered and on a low budget - plus the colours in the wardrobe is so me - blacks, whites, nudes and greys. If you have a spare room to change into a closet this is actually an easy one to do yourself. Everything is pretty much from IKEA - love how Nina upgraded the rails used for shoes, belts, jewelry etc. just with a coat of gold spray paint. Go to Nina's blog here to see the description of the making of her walk in closet.  

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Nordic Exotic beach house designed by Lukas Machnik...

I'm so in love with this beach house that Lukas Machnik designed on the tv show "American Dream Builders"- it's easy to see, why he won the show with the design of this home. 
He had the whole house painted black in true Danish beach house style, but kept everything inside very light and airy. I love how he mixed modern pieces with Moroccan style and that he also did a few DIY pieces for the house. This beach house is chic, but still laid back and it is so my style. Enjoy the pictures from this stunning beach house.