Thursday, June 30, 2011

Beautiful outdoor space # 59

Still going for the touch of pink with this lovely outdoor space. I love stripes on pillows; it's so classic and with this color-combo of pink and white it's also fun and summery. Who wouldn't want to relax here...

Wedding inspiration: Wedding-cake

Next summer I'll will be getting hitched to my fiancé and I have started finding inspiration for the big day. I will therefore be posting some wedding inspiration posts once in a while. This one is the first on this blog about wedding cakes. I also post wedding inspirational pictures on my fashion blog here. Just made one of wedding shoes.
I love the idea of a white elegant wedding and a white wedding cake. I found these pictures of wedding cakes I really like. Which one is your favorite?

Betsey Johnson's pink home

Color inspiration: hot pink walls

Hot pink is a stand out color. It is both in fashion and in interior decoration. I think that pink is a fun color. Hot pink goes well with gold and white. For even more drama pair it with black.

Beautiful kitchen / living area with steel-elements

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Beautiful outdoor space # 56

A touch of luxe : Black glossy doors

Glossy black doors are so elegant and can make any room instantly luxe and very timeless. Love black glossy door in foyers together with a white and grey palette.